RULES: Read Before Posting

There is a board at World Warriors for virtually every kind of discussion. As long as you use the right one, just about any subject matter goes.

As a discussion topic, there's nothing wrong with it. Just don't post links, images, or video of it here.

World Warriors aims to be an entirely apolitical operation. However, classist movements and ideas, regardless of what type of class that might be, have no place here. Everything but intolerance is tolerated.

Carrying out illegal activities at World Warriors is grounds for an immediate ban. Authorities will be notified as needed.

Be excellent to each other. World Warriors is not a venue for you to attack others.

Disrupting the forums' ability to operate smoothly is not allowed. You are free to advertise events or products so long as it remains directly pertinent to fighting games. (ie: Undead_Kaiju and AznPikachu's event posts already on this board are a good example.)

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