Physical copy or Digital Download?

As the title says, in terms of purchasing a video game, do you like holding an actual physical copy or digitally download on your computer?


  • Physical copies are almost always the only way I go. Once in a while, I’ll get something digital, but that’s usually under special circumstances.
  • I am HUGE on the concept of ownership, so I always default to physical copies. However, as time passes (and slapping a 2TB drive in my PS4 has helped), I've noticed that I've developed a habit of buying a cheaper digital copy later on. I support the developer a little more, get the added convenience of a digital copy, and still maintain my sense of ownership with the physical edition in case Sony kills the PS4 servers someday.
  • Physical copies all the way. I like owning my games. But with the PS4 and Xbox One, the disc you buy is sometimes completely unplayable without a day one update.

  • I like physical copies, but i'll do digital too. Depends on my mood that day.

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