What are your top 12 favorite games?

  1. Super Mario 3D Land
  2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  3. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
  4. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty
  5. Final Fantasy VI
  6. Halo
  7. Guilty Gear XX
  8. The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker
  9. The Last Guardian
  10. Shadow Of The Collosus
  11. Zone Of The Enders
  12. Ikaruga

All the cool people are making lists. Show us yours.


  • A top 12 is kinda a toughie. I have played so many fantastic games over the years. I will try for a rough top 12. Far from a definitive one.

    1. NiGHTS into Dreams... - This is the only game I can say is my definitive "Favorite Game of All-Time". Since I played it back in 1996, it's has had a lasting impression on me. Everything about it struck a cord in me that no other game has. From it's presentation, music, themes, gameplay and game design. And no other game has comes close to amount of playtime I have invested into it over the years. Played it so much that my original disc no longer reads in any Saturn I put it in. And the disc is still in pristine condition. Because of this I own multiple copies of the game and multiple Sega Saturn units. I have the PlayStation 2 Remaster and the HD releases of it. But they tweaked the gameplay and physics in ways in those versions that turn me off. So I have continued to play the original version. It's a game I have never gotten bored of and regularly replay. For me, this is the closest to perfection any video game has achieved to me.

    2. Xenogears - I love RPGs, especially the Japanese variety of RPGs. Xenogears stands out for me due to it's sheer size and scope of it's narrative. It's not an easy to digest game in the slightest. As an RPG it has aged decently well overall. It was never a looker. But it's aged better than a lot of games of it's generation.

    3. Super Street Fighter II Turbo - This is the game that got me into Fighting games. I still love playing it to this day. The fine wine of the genre.

    4. Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram - This game. This goddamn game. The original I first played to kill time and everything I wanted to play at the time was crowded. And that one time instantly made me a fan for life. And it's sequel came and it cemented it as one of my favorite games of all time. I may or may not have arcade cabs of it. :blush:

    5. Moero! Justice Gakuen - I thoroughly enjoyed both entries of this series. The second built upon everything that made the original great. And the console port has that addicting as hell Nekketsu Nikki Board Game. I have spent countless hours with friends just playing that board game. The competition during those game sessions were intense and so much fun. We need a new one Capcom!

    6. Dragon's Crown - I have been a fan of George Kamitani since Princess Crown. And enjoyed everything Vanillaware has released. The beat'em up genre has needed fresh blood for years. Streets of Rage has been dormant for years. Guardian Heroes never got a true sequel. Code of Princess was a decent spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes. And the closest we gotten to regular beat'em fixes has been the Musou series. Then came Dragon's Crown. A game that ended up being way more than I thought it would've been. The RPG elements and dungeon raiding have been an endless amount of gameplay. I still play it on and off with friends when we can make our schedules work. And it's easily one of the prettiest games I have ever played. love it's art style.

    7. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Picking a favorite Zelda title is ****ing hard. This is a series that has overall released a bunch of legendary titles. But I ended up settling on Majora's Mask due to it's unique game design and darker themes.

    8. Super Mario Bros. 3 - One of the greatest platformers of all time. What else can be said?

    9. Chrono Trigger - This feels like a token addition. But it's really that good.

    10. Phantasy Star Online - The Dreamcast was such a fantastic console. I loved the vibe of it and the kind of library it ended up getting. It was a tad ahead of it's time. It was very Sega. Phantasy Star Online is one of those games that helped define the console. It was my first time playing an online RPG. And it was a very positive experience. I dumped endless amounts of hours into this game. I really wish they would make a HD collection of all four episodes and drop it on current consoles.

    11. Final Fantasy VI - This game edges out Final Fantasy VIII as my favorite Final Fantasy overall. Kefka is easily one of my favorite villains of all time. VI managed to handle just a large cast of characters and multiple story lines in such a masterful manner.

    12. Sonic Mania - I didn't think a new Sonic game would come out that managed to top any of the classics games. Mania manages to take the best traits of S3&K and Sonic CD and craft them into one large amazing game. Sonic Mania is the 32-bit Sonic game we never got. It's the Sonic game we needed but didn't deserve.

    Honorable mentions off the top of my head: Grandia, Devil May Cry 3, Bayonetta (series), Virtua Fighter (series), Xenoblade Chronicles, Battletoads, Shantae and more.

    And how did you come up with 12?

  • > @N3MO said:
    > And how did you come up with 12?

    I think I saw a list of Tarantino’s favorite movies and he listed 12. So I’ve stuck with that number. I also think my list is going to be heavy with more modern games since some of my favorite classics I might not remember.

    And you’ve reminded me, Sonic 2 deserves a top spot on my list.
  • Sonic 2 is a fantastic game. Easily one of the best sequels ever made. Not even Mario's second outing was nearly as good.

  • > @N3MO said:
    > Sonic 2 is a fantastic game. Easily one of the best sequels ever made. Not even Mario's second outing was nearly as good.

    The 2D Sonic games were so great and it was good to see the formula come back with Mania.
  • Do any of you get a Phantasy Star Online feel from Monster Hunter World? Quick hunts, longer hunts, kinda the grind but with some online companionship. I get a little vibe there.

  • I'm an old school player and my list reflects that:
    In no order
    1. Final fantasy 7
    2. Final fantasy 6
    3. Starocean2
    4. ST
    5. Gran turismo
    6. Metroid
    7. Final fantasy 8
    8. Final fantasy 10
    9. Gran turismo 2
    10. Monster rancher
    11. Final fantasy 12
    12. Super street fighter 2

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